MCS Test | My Cognitive Styles Test

"A unique test do discover your thinking styles."


Cognitive styles are individual preferences in perceiving and processing information. Your cognitive styles are considered to be independent of, but to interact with your personality (Riding R.)

Researchers have found that individual differences in cognitive styles influence perception, learning, problem solving, decision making, communication, and creativity in important ways (Hayes & Allinson ; Kirton).

Several researchers developed a cognitive style model with multiple dimensions. Based on Leonard and Straus we distinguish the following two basic dimensions:

- structured versus organic thinking
- experiental versus conceptual thinking

The bipolarity of the two basic dimensions excludes the possibility that people can simultaneously show a strong or weak preference for both poles of a dimension (Saller-Smith).

We combined both dimensions into four basic cognitive styles:

1. Methodical  (Organize)
2. Strategic  (Plan)
3. Flexible (Improvize)
4. Inventive (Think up)

The online mcs-test  (My Cognitive Styles test) was developped by Pontis in 2011.



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