MCS Test | My Cognitive Styles Test

"A unique test do discover your thinking styles."


Several theorists confirm that cognitive style and intellectual abilities are different in multiple and important ways (Kirton; Mudd;Tullet).

Cognitive styles are however consistent habitual patterns in our thinking.

Kirton and de Ciantis argue that cognitive style is increasingly seen as a critical variable in work performance. According to Hayes and Allinson, cognitive styles can be used in organizations in the context of recruitment, task and learning performance, internal communication, career guidance and counseling, team composition and teambuilding, conflict management, and training and development.

Identifying and understanding each employee's cognitive styles can allow managers to enhance individual and team performance and productivity (Volkema & Gorman).

The use of cognitive styles to discover your talents (innate potential).

Pontis, developed in 2011 the "Talentpassport " tool.  For more information see the website:
The tool helps people to discover and use their talents to become more successful in their jobs and life.
The tool measures among other talents your 'rational talents' by means of the cognitive styles. Your rational talent is one of the three main categories of talents:  Emotional talents / Rational talents / Physical talents.