MCS Test | My Cognitive Styles Test

"A unique test do discover your thinking styles."


A thinkingstyle reflects a person’s preference in dealing with information. How someone takes in information (observation) and how someone processes information. We all have in greater or lesser degree consistent patterns in the  way we take in and process information. Thinkingstyles are extensively studied by scholars. Research has shown that thinkingstyles have an important influence on the way we observe, take decisions, communicate and solve problems.

A strong thinkingstyle does not necessarily mean that you are better or smarter in this thinkingstyle than others. Thinkingstyle and intellectual capacity are different from each other in several aspects. A strong thinkingstyle does mean however that this style of thinking is easily accessible to you. A thinking style that is that strong that you differentiate yourself with it from the ‘average’ person is what we call a rational talent.


There exists a wide variety of theories on thinkingstyles. We have chosen a model with two cognitive dimensions, which provides us a simple and convenient way to map your thinking styles.

Using your answers to 20 questions, the MCS-test accurately determines the strength of your thinkingstyles compared to all other professionals in the database.

Based on this determination of your position a detailed report explains what your thinkingstyles are and what your rational talents are.  A unique profile since the scoring system allows for thousands of combinations.

Not a theory but objective figures.